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Why us

what we do

  • Our practice is based on Prevention... because minimum dentistry is good dentistry... and no dentistry is best dentistry
  • We'll always have your best interests at heart... because that serves our interests as well
  • We like to take pictures of your teeth and draw diagrams when we discuss treatment... so that you understand all the problems and their treatment options.
  • We are committed to provide Minimal Intervention Dentistry... because gone are the days of tons of metal in the mouth
  • We aim to use the best laboratories and use the best materials... because 'cheap' is more expensive in the long run
  • We only do treatments that are backed by solid scientific evidence... no unscientific treatments in the name of 'biologic dentistry' for us please
  • We pride ourselves in putting even the most nervous patients at ease... because the rewards are huge and we are not talking Shillings and Pence
  • We are a team of highly experienced Dentists and staff... because age doesn't come alone

what we do not do

  • We do not make extensive, conventional bridges... because in most cases they are destructive to other teeth and to the wallet
  • We do not 'push' cosmetic treatments... because nobody likes to be pushed
  • We do not use words like 'Holistic Dentistry'... because we don't understand them either
  • We do not do Veneers for crooked teeth... because Braces are a far better option
  • We do not promise that you will look like Julia Roberts or Brad Pitt after treatment... because we don't live in Pandora and can't make Avatars