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Price List

This is the basic price list for Charlton Park, prices may vary with individual treatments. Please call our surgery or enquire via email for further information.

Dental Exam (New Patient) £70.00
Dental Exam (Regular Attender) £58.00
Scaling &Plaque Prevention £62.00
Hygienist Charges £75.00
Xrays (each) £18.00
OPG XR-ray £90.00
CBCT Scan £190.00
Gum disease Treatment From £120.00 to £1200.00
Fillings From £140.00 to £220.00
Crowns From £475.00 to £1150.00
Root Canal Treatment From £550.00 to £875.00
Teeth Whitening From £495.00 to £695.00
Extraction From £140.00 to £240.00
Dentures From £425.00 to £2150.00



Orthodontic Consultation and Assessment


Fixed Braces ranges from Metal Braces to Ceramic (clear in appearance) to lingual Bracket System which are fixed on the inside surfaces of teeth making them virtually visible from outside. The fees depend upon the complexity of teeth movement and the type of brackets system chosen. Fees are spread over the course of treatment.

Invisalign (clear aligners)

A series of removable plastic aligners changed by the patient every 2 weeks to slowly move teeth into a more desirable position.

From £3500
Implant Consultation & Assessment  

Implant treatments ranges from single tooth replacements to full mouth extensive rehabilitations. The fees depend upon treatment complexity and are discussed in detail at the outset. As a guide, a single implant costs £2850

Full Assessment and planning for extensive treatments. Investigations include Model Analysis, Clinical Pictures, X-Rays followed by detailed Discussion £245





Please note, we do not offer free consultation because in our view they are utterly worthless and are a waste of your and our time. Our consultation process is detailed and we discuss all treatment options and their advantages, disadvantages and costs and only give you advice that is your best interest.